The Restaurant Talk Show

3 Feb February

Traveling to or eating out in Washington, D.C., anytime soon? Want to know some great hot spots to hit whether you live there or traveling through? You’re in for a treat.

Ross Perkins (Twitter), Washington, D.C.-based writer for Eater and founder of Cajun Meets Asian, joins Brandon Hull and Randy Lopez on this 14th episode of Table Touch. (In an upcoming episode, we “travel” to New York City for a similar breakdown on restaurant industry updates and trends there.)

Beyond eating out in DC, this week’s Best Bites cover some clever and crazy news from the restaurant industry:

Are you a Conan O’Brien fan? Check out this recent segment of his late-night talk show on TBS, which Taco Bell paid for. Forget 30 seconds in which to jam your restaurant’s message, how about 10 minutes? With extreme humor?

Randy points us to a clever segment with Conan O’Brien brings to Taco Bell. He goes through a traditional tasting and then Conan builds a mobile burrito builder and his proprietary O’Taco in real-time for viewers. Great media buy, Taco Bell.